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Let me be the first to welcome you aboard. On behalf of Star Fleet Command, I would like to welcome you aboard the ODYSSEY, and congratulate you on your assignment to a Starship that has proven itself to be one of the finest in the fleet. Not one being in a hundred has the necessary qualifications to become a Star Fleet officer, and not one officer in a hundred has the abilities required for Starship duty. You may consider yourself a member of a very privileged class, one that commands the respect and envy of beings galaxy-wide. You have also been given an important responsibility – for as long as you wear the uniform of Star Fleet, your conduct will reflect upon the entire service, and what you say or do will determine how the Federation appears in the eyes of the galaxy. It is your sworn duty as well as your responsibility to uphold the laws and ethics of the fleet.

I would also like to say that since its commission almost half a century ago, the exploits of the ODYSSEY have become legendary; once you make the grade, you can look forward to an exciting tour of duty on the very frontier of our galaxy. Through the voyages of Starships like the ODYSSEY, Star Fleet adds to the Federation’s already extensive scientific and sociological knowledge, promotes good will and commerce within its territorial boundaries, and enforces peace in our galaxy. Your job is one of scientist, observer, ambassador, arbiter, and policeman – and if you believe that any one of these professions is worthwhile, you will find the combination of all of them to be an experience unique in this or any other galaxy. Once again, congratulations on your new assignment and welcome to Star Fleet.

Admiral Galen Williams
Star Fleet Chief of Operations

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